Last updated 30th April 2014

----------------- PLEASE NOTE -----------------

We wish to give you as our guests a simpler, more transparent rewarding experience. Therefore, we are excited to announce that we will be launching a new loyalty program towards the end of 2018.

The new loyalty program will enable you to easily collect generous rewards during every stay that can already be redeemed on the next stay. In addition, the new program will allow you to enjoy many great hotel benefits at our participating properties such as a room upgrade upon availability, late check-out and a welcome ritual that truly speaks to the spirit of each of our independent hotels worldwide.

As a result, our current loyalty program, Peakpoints™ was terminated on April 16th, 2018 and you will have the opportunity to use your points collected through July 15th, 2018. *

* Per section 13.2 of Peakpoints Terms & Conditions
WorldHotels reserves the right to terminate the Peakpoints Programme at any time, giving ninety (90) days prior notice to its Members. Members may not earn or redeem points after the Programme's termination.

----------------- PLEASE NOTE -----------------


The following forms the basis for participation in the WorldHotels Peakpoints® guest Loyalty Programme ("Peakpoints" or "the Programme"). These Terms & Conditions are designed to protect the members of Peakpoints ("Members"), and WorldHotels Peakpoints ("We"). Your participation in the programme will be governed by the terms that follow and it is your responsibility to read and understand all of them.

    1. The Peakpoints programme and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of World Hotels AG ("WorldHotels").
    2. Membership in and application for the Programme is void if prohibited by law in the country of residence of the member or applicant. It is the duty of the member or applicant to understand whether such laws or prohibitions exist in their country of residence.
    3. WorldHotels reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change the rules, procedures, conditions, benefits, rewards or reward levels pertaining to the Programme at its sole discretion with prior notice. Notice will be given in the form of email, 2 months prior to the changes taking effect.
    4. Members must be aged eighteen (18) or of majority age in their country of residence in order to be eligible for Peakpoints. If a member is found to be under this age his/her membership will be terminated and any points accrued will be voided.
    5. Each Member is responsible in remaining knowledgeable about Peakpoints’ Terms & Conditions and to the number of points in his or her account, which can be viewed using the online member portal.
    6. Corporations, associations or groups cannot enrol in a single Peakpoints membership.
    7. It is not possible to hold a joint account between yourself and a spouse or family member, nor should any individual have two (2) accounts.
    8. Membership in Peakpoints is strictly personal and cannot be lent, transferred or sold.
    9. Points earned through the Programme remain the property of WorldHotels and do not entitle Members to any vested rights with respect to Peakpoints.
    10. Membership in Peakpoints does not guarantee room availability before a booking has been made.
    1. At participating hotels
      1. Guests can approach a member of staff at the hotel's front desk. The Guest should provide all the necessary information (First Name, Last Name, Salutation, Email Address, Country, Spoken Language) in order to complete the registration.    
      2. When enrolled in the Programme, the Guest will be sent an email within 12 hours confirming his/her enrolment to Peakpoints and their membership number. The new Member should then log into the www.worldhotels-peakpoints.com website to accept the Terms and Conditions or, if in accordance with the guest's country's legislations, the guest can choose to opt-out of the Peakpoints programme and end his/her membership.
    2. On the WorldHotels and Peakpoints websites
      1. Subscription to Peakpoints can also be done online through a form available on WorldHotels.com or www.worldhotels-peakpoints.com. The Guest should provide all of the necessary information (First Name, Last Name, Salutation, Email Address, Spoken Language) in order to complete the registration.
    3. Membership Cards
      1. Members will not be issued physical cards. Members can access their account via the online portal and can view and/or customise their virtual card. The virtual card can be carried on the mobile phone or the guest can choose to print a paper copy from the desktop version.
    1. Peakpoints can be earned for hotel stays only at hotels within the WorldHotels portfolio. (Please refer to section 8. Participating Hotels).
    2. To earn Points for hotel stays, a Member must be a registered, paying guest at a participating hotel within the WorldHotels portfolio.
    3. A "stay" is defined as the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, whether or not a guest checks out and checks back in again within the same day.
    4. No points, or miles will be awarded for "no show" situations when a Member has made a reservation but then does not check in to the hotel--irrespective of whether or not the Member's credit card is charged for any portion of the reserved stay per the hotel's "no show" policy.
    5. Members must provide their membership number either at the time of booking, check-in or check-out.
    6. Points will be credited to the member based on room bill, not including food and beverage costs and excluding taxes and service charges at a rate of 1 Euro = 2 points. Current exchange rates will be applied to stays outside of the Euro Zone. Members can earn a maximum of 15,000 points per stay.
    7.  "Double Points" means the Member will receive a bonus equal to the number of Base Points earned during a stay and "Triple Points" means the Member will receive a bonus that doubles the number of Base Points earned during a stay.
    8. Booking an eligible stay (refer to point 3.12) does not guarantee points. Members must complete their stay and points will be credited only after the Member has checked out from the hotel.
    9. Members cannot earn points on multiple accounts. If a Member is found to have multiple accounts, the account with the lowest number of points will be terminated and the points accrued will be voided.
    10. Members cannot earn loyalty points at the same time as Frequent Flyer Points ("FFP") during the same stay. Members will have to state whether they select to earn Peakpoints or Frequent Flyer Miles latest at time of check-out. If a Member does not make this selection, the Member will automatically be credited with Peakpoints, given his or her reservation is eligible for earning.
    11. Members sharing a room with a non-Member who is paying the bill may earn points for that stay provided that the non-Member is not collecting Frequent Flyer Miles or Peakpoints.
    12. Points will only be credited to Members that have booked on Qualifying Rates and will be credited within seven (7) business days after departure. Bookings made through any Online Travel Agency ("OTA") (Booking.com, Agoda.com, Expedia.com, etc.) will not be eligible to earn points. Group rates and some corporate contracts might not be eligible for earning points.
    13. Furthermore, the programme will allow earning points from time to time through special promotions or activities, such as a certain number of points for signing up for the programme or other activities. The duration of these promotions is at the sole discretion of WorldHotels. Promotions may start and end at any time. Beyond these promotions, there is no entitlement to promotional points.
    14. Current employees of WorldHotels, its parent, affiliates and subsidiaries and the employees or owners of hotels within the WorldHotels portfolio (collectively, "Employees") are not eligible to participate in the Peakpoints programme as set forth herein.
    1. If a Member believes that he or she has not been credited the correct number of points for their stay within seven (7) business days, they can contact Peakpoints (peakpoints@worldhotels.com) or complete the respective contact form on www.worldhotels-peakpoints.com within six (6) months after their stay. Members must provide a copy of the invoice for their stay. This invoice must not contain any handwritten modifications otherwise it will not be considered. Only the format produced by the hotel will be accepted. Written requests must include the Member's name (First and Last name), Salutation, Email Address, Peakpoints Member ID, Hotel Name, Hotel City, Arrival Date, Departure Date, Reservation Number and the reason for the claim.
    2. In order for a Member to receive the points, the invoice corresponding to the claim must be in the name of the Member.
    3. Members cannot earn points for stays that took place before registration to Peakpoints.
    1. The WorldHotels Peakpoints programme offers 3 elite levels. 
    2. The "Silver Status" can be obtained by collecting 3.000 or more Peakpoints within one calendar year (January through to December). The status qualifies the member to accelerate his earning power by 10% for earning of stay related points.
    3. The "Gold Status" can be obtained by collecting 10.000 or more Peakpoints within one calendar year (January through December). The status qualifies the member to accelerate his earning power by 25% for earning of stay related points.
    4. The "Navigator Status" can be obtained by collecting 20.000 or more Peakpoints within one calendar year (January through December). The status qualifies the member to accelerate his earning power by 50% for earning of stay related points. 
    5. The Peakpoints Member Status expires at the end of the following calendar year (31st December), unless the member collects the respective amount of Points during that calendar year.
    6. Status level changes will automatically be applied to the Member's account.
    1. Points can be redeemed for cash-value vouchers which can be used within the hotel.
    2. To qualify for redemption, the Member must have sufficient points (a minimum of 400 Peakpoints) in his or her account.
    3. When a voucher is purchased, the corresponding number of points for that voucher will be deducted from the Member's account.
    4. Vouchers can only be applied to the final service bill, settled at the Front Desk of the hotel. Vouchers cannot be used to settle pre-paid charges and no refund will be given on pre-paid charges in case a voucher is used.
    5. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, prizes or credit.
    6. Vouchers may not be sold, auctioned, bartered, or brokered purchased. Any voucher obtained in that manner will be considered to have been fraudulently obtained and deemed void.
    7. Vouchers can be purchased online on www.worldhotels-peakpoints.com or directly at a hotel that is part of the WorldHotels group (Please refer to section 8. Participating Hotels). Once purchased, vouchers will be valid one (1) year. Vouchers are available in fixed values starting from 5 EUR then in denominations of 12.5 EUR (25 EUR, 37.5 EUR 50 EUR, 75.5 EUR etc). In addition, vouchers can be purchased in various currencies which can be viewed at www.worldhotels-peakpoints.com. Once a voucher has been purchased, no matter in what currency, the voucher value will be valid for one year.
    8. By purchasing a voucher, the member will receive a voucher number which qualifies for paying. The voucher is not bound to the Member who purchased it, but can be issued to any other person, as directed by the Member.
    9. Should the guest settle an invoice with a voucher that is less than the cash value of the voucher, he will not be reimbursed for the remaining amount. The voucher will be invalidated at the time of the payment and cannot be re-used.
    10. The owner of the voucher is liable for the secure and careful handling and communication of the voucher ID.
    11. WorldHotels does not take responsibility for any mis-usage of a voucher.
    1. Points gained through the Programme are non-transferrable, as mentioned in section 10. Cause for Termination.
    2. Vouchers purchased with points can be gifted and redeemed at the hotel.
    3. In the event of a Member's death, the remaining points in their account may be transferred to an immediate family member.
    1. All hotels affiliated with the WorldHotels brand are obliged to participate in the Peakpoints programme. WorldHotels reserves the right to exclude hotels at its own discretion. For a complete list of participating hotels please click here.
    2. Participating hotels within the WorldHotels portfolio are subject to change at any time, without notice. Prior to reservation and stay at our hotels please consult the complete list of participating hotels.
    3. If a hotel withdraws from the WorldHotels network after the booking but before the stay the Member will not be credited with points and cannot redeem points at the hotel.
    1. Collected Points related to a stay expire at the end (31st December) of the following calendar year. Points collected for special activities as mentioned under 3.13 Earning Points will expire after 6 months, unless the member consumes another stay at one of the participating hotels of WorldHotels within 6 months after receiving the activity points.
    2. WorldHotels will contact the Member via email six (6) months before the expiration of a Member's points.
    3. Expired points cannot be reclaimed by the Member. The Member can however begin earning points anew.
    4. Vouchers purchased before the expiration of a Member's points will remain valid for one year or until the expiration date mentioned on the voucher.
    1. WorldHotels reserves the right to discontinue the Peakpoints membership of any Member who appears to be using the Programme in a manner inconsistent with the Terms & Conditions or intent of the Programme or any portion of the Programme, including but not limited to Reward redemption, or Voucher use.
    2. The sale or barter of points, vouchers, or confirmations is prohibited. Any points, vouchers or confirmations which WorldHotels deems in its sole discretion to have been sold or transferred without the expressed permission of WorldHotels will be cancelled and the points will be voided.
    3. Any Member whose account is terminated for reasons other than those mentioned in section 9. Expiration may not reapply for membership. Any account found to be set up in that person's name will be terminated upon discovery and all points will be forfeited.
    1. By the Member
      1. A member can choose to cancel his/her membership from Peakpoints at any given time by sending an email to peakpoints@worldhotels.com stating that he/she wishes to cancel the membership.
    2. By the Programme Manager
      1. If it is deemed that a Member's use of the Programme has been in gross contradiction to the Terms & Conditions stated herein, the Programme Manager/Administrator may terminate the membership without any indemnity being claimed by the Member.
    3. Effects of cancellation
      1. Cancellation of membership means the complete removal from the Programme and an end to all relations between the Programme Manager/Administrator and the Member. This removal also means the removal of all points as of the day of cancellation. Any vouchers purchased with points before cancellation will remain valid until their expiration.
    4. If a Guest wishes to re-enrol in the Programme they can do so but will not be able to regain any points associated with their previous membership.
    1. By enrolling in Peakpoints the Member consents to receive electronic communications from WorldHotels with regards to Peakpoints. The communications will include, and are not limited to, promotions, monthly account balance and Programme updates.
    2. Members are responsible for maintaining the correct contact information in the event of any changes.
    3. If a Member enrols directly at a hotel's front desk (2.1 Subscribing to Peakpoints) or via one of the hotel's channels of subscription (hotel website, hotel's social media channels, booking confirmation, registration process, pre and post stay communication etc.), the guest also agrees to receive communications from that hotel, including marketing communication, via email. Additional local consent requirements might apply.
    4. Members may choose to receive communications from any hotel they stay at which is affiliated with WorldHotels and Peakpoints.
    1. Peakpoints may introduce membership and benefit levels in the future provided such changes do not create an unreasonable disadvantage for any Member. In this case Members will be informed via email of any changes to their membership status 2 months before such changes enter into force.
    2. WorldHotels reserves the right to terminate the Peakpoints Programme at any time, giving ninety (90) days prior notice to its Members. Members may not earn or redeem points after the Programme's termination.
    1. Personal information collected upon registration either online or at an affiliated hotel is processed by WorldHotels as part of the registration procedure and on-going management of Peakpoints by WorldHotels. It will be part of your member profile as well as basic information about your stays at affiliated hotels in the past or future (length of your stay; hotel of your stay; generated revenue).
    2. Information collected will be used for managing your account, handling claims as well as corporate communications for purposes of prospection and Programme updates between WorldHotels and the Member.
    3. Members that enrol in the Peakpoints Programme agree that the information from your member profile will be shared with WorldHotels and participating hotels as far as necessary for the purposes mentioned above.
    4. As stated in 11. Effects of Cancellation, Members who choose to cancel their membership will have their information removed from the WorldHotels database as well as those of any hotels the member has subscribed to.
    5. Personal information will not be shared with any other third party.
    1. Membership to the programme implies that the Member explicitly and unconditionally accepts the Terms & Conditions laid out in this document. The present Terms & Conditions supersede any preceding documents.
    2. In case of any disputes between the Member and Peakpoints and its participating hotels, all parties agree to first seek out-of-court settlement.
    3. Peakpoints is governed exclusively by German law; any disputes between Peakpoints and its Members that cannot be settled out of court will be litigated in German jurisdiction.
    4. Any claims against a participating hotel not related to Peakpoints will fall under the local jurisdiction of the hotel. WorldHotels does not own or manage any hotel and accepts no responsibility for claims against any hotel.

Contact information

For any queries regarding Peakpoints you may contact peakpoints@worldhotels.com. Please allow up to three (3) business days for a response.